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While crystal sunglass lenses are a testament to Ray-Ban’s commitment to quality, there are situations in which a person may wish to consider Ray-Ban sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate is a form of plastic that is increasingly popular among Ray-Ban and other sunglass manufacturers because it is highly ray bans.Below are some situations that might call for Ray-Ban sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses:People seeking the lightest weight Ray-Ban sunglasses.Sunglass wearers who are notorious for dropping or mishandling their sunglasses.Athletes and other highly mobile people seeking sunglasses that do not weigh them down.Properly caring for the crystal lenses used to construct Ray-Ban sunglasses is vital to prolonging the life of sunglasses. Because crystal lenses might break more easily upon impact, pay special attention to proper handling and storage. There are five general steps to focus on to ensure that glass Ray-Ban lenses stand the test of time.ray bans sunglasses for men.The single best way to protect Ray-Ban sunglass lenses is to follow all manufacturer recommendations. Ray-Ban sunglasses are typically packaged with a small pamphlet that outlines instructions for proper care and handling. One should be sure to carefully review and follow all key points and keep the pamphlet in a secure location.



Whether the Ray-Ban sunglass lenses are crystal or polycarbonate, one should utilize the utmost care when handling them. In general, sunglasses should not be left unattended. Below are a few handling tips for handling glass lenses:Do not place sunglasses on a bathroom counter while applying makeup or bathing.ray bans on sale.Avoid wearing sunglasses on top of the head.Resist the urge to put sunglasses on a moving object or vehicle.Do not put sunglasses in pants pocket or one might sit on them.Store sunglasses in the same location whenever they are not being used.By regularly cleaning crystal lenses, one will keep their Ray-Ban sunglasses looking as sharp as they did when they were first purchased. Fortunately, cleaning crystal lenses requires no more than a mixture of warm, soapy water and a lint-free cloth. Allowing sunglasses to soak for 5-10 minutes is helpful in removing any bacteria that has gathered on the lens surface.The most effective way to protect sunglasses is to invest in a high-quality storage case.ray ban outlet.There are many types of cases that offer an affordable means of keeping sunglasses clean and intact while they are not in use. Common types of storage cases include the following:Hardshell storage cases with zipper enclosures.Medium or soft shell cases with belt clips.Decorative storage bags with drawstring closures.Inspect the sunglasses regularly for signs of damage and scratches that obstruct your view. Never put off addressing problems with the sunglasses, as procrastination could result in irreparable damage. Issues that require prompt attention include the following:Lenses that feel loose or are not a proper fit.Loose or broken sunglass hinges.Missing screws.

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