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Fake Ray Bans Sunglasses

Ray-Ban, the legendary sunglasses brand was founded in 1937 by the prestigious manufacturers Bausch &Lomb. Their initial purpose was to aid the US Army Air Corps with the fatiguing sun glare. The name was derived from Ray-Banner, a literal meaning of what sunglasses are all about. In 1999 the brand was taken over by the sunglasses mogul Luxottica.The first model created by Ray-Ban was the Aviators as they were designed for the Air Force. The exposure to sun glare was a real hazard for pilots as airplanes flew faster and higher.Ray Ban Sunglasses.Therefore, Ray-Ban designed these special sunglasses to avoid the annoying sun glare and improve the pilots’ vision. Sleek, tear-dropped sunglasses were designed for military use in 1936 and the following year became popular for the general public.After the successful Aviators, in 1953 the firm introduced the Wayfarer that has become the most sold sunglasses design. Their popularity soared thanks to celebrities such as Michael Jackson or Madonna.Discount Ray Bans.The launch of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer was a complete turning-point in the sunglasses industry and nothing would be the same.During the 60s, Ray-Ban made a big publicity campaign in some of the most iconic films like The Blues Brothers or Risky Business with a young and handsome Tom Cruise.After such an amazing success, Ray-Ban did not stop at this and kept on innovating. Searching for comfort, flexibility and ergonomic design, Ray-Ban came up with foldable frames. These frames are designed with specific features and innovative technology that allows them to fold comfortably and save space in your pocket or bag.Ray Ban Sale.

The quintessential Aviator Ray-Ban Sunglasses represent the brand`s introduction to the sunglasses and prescription eyewear industry. Ray Bans Sunglasses For Men.With substantial attention to eye care and the need to suit the personal style of customers, the first collaboration with the United States Air Force set the tone for the popularity of Aviators in American and global consumer culture. With instantly recognisable smooth lines and oversized lenses, Ray Ban`s Aviators are still the choice favourite of jet pilots and fashion conscious teens alike.Cheap Ray Bans.The traditional Aviator Sunglasses Ray Ban developed are the large metal version with signature gold rims. Paired with G-15 lenses, these models represent a throwback to the brand`s days with the air force and still possess a massive appeal for consumers of different age groups. While the first Aviators were first introduced into the U.S. armed service in the late 1930s, the design also has a close link with the dazzling fashions of the 1970s. Retro photographs of the 70s showing Hollywood stars such as Robert DeNiro or Al Pacino, are a testament to the popularity of Aviators throughout this decade. When Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses were first introduced, they were undoubtedly a male eyewear accessory.Ray Bans On Sale.However, it didn`t take long for the design to attract feminine appeal and it quickly caught on with female admirers.Fake Ray Bans.These particular sunglasses have proven themselves as an integral part of any eyewear collection, and they are readily available as a frame for those who require prescription glasses. Browsing through Ray Ban`s extensive range of aviator sunglasses reveals not only the real innovation of one of the world`s premier brands but also a visual lesson on the evolution of style, design and prescription shades.

Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale.The unmistakeable attention to detail has made Ray Ban a favourite with leading prescription eyewear retailers. If shopping for the right pair of Ray Ban glasses, Redic Eyewear offers the latest lens choices and the most up-to-date black and tortoiseshell Wayfarers. The latest optical collection has styles that are suitable for reading glasses, computer work or for distance vision and are ideal for men and for women.Some frame manufacturers have capitalised on Ray Ban`s accomplishments by producing discounted, fake Ray Bans. These suppliers make imitation Ray Ban specs that are a cheap alternative. However these discounted Ray Ban copies cannot compete with the superior quality and esteem of the genuine article.Cheap Ray Ban Sungalsses.Ray Ban is embraced by spectacle wearers everywhere, achieving best seller status in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada.This global brand is becoming increasingly sought after throughout the world with celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson and Leona Lewis opting for the geek chic look in Ray Ban Wayfarers.Ray Ban Outlet.When reflecting on the timeline of fashion, eyewear has always been at the forefront. Ray Ban offers an ever-changing inventory of diverse selections that cater for everyone`s style preferences.The current collection includes a wide range of quality Ray Ban frames, with on-trend choices that compliment either a subtle and sophisticated, or a daring and bold, wardrobe. Ray Ban glasses are available including hard-coated prescription lenses or as ultra modern non prescription glasses.

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